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You will Never Win against your Big Brother.


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–March 29th, 2011 pg. 297

In book 3 Winston is caught and put in jail. There, he is accompanied bu his neighbor, O’Brien, and an older lady who goes by the name Smith, and is presumed to be the mother of Winston. It is here that Winston must give up the good fight against the government and accept them for everything they do and say. When Winston tells O’Brien that he hates Big Brother, guards take Winston to Room 101 where unbareable torture takes place. Out of the many things they could have tortured him with, O’Brien brings out Rats, which are what he hates most. Winston, under the unbarable pressure betrays Julia and tells them to torture her instead. Now, I think it is just absurd that you could force anyone to believe what you say. And it is just uncouth to kill a person for not accepting it. Thankfully we live in a society where we are allowed to say and think whatever we desire, and not be penalized for it.

Julia & Winston Sitting in a Tree….


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 –May 26th, 2011 pg.183

Well not exactly….they were doing a little more than that. Much of the focus in book 2 is directed twoards Julia and Winstons’ relationship. The government, is so controlling in this book, that they won’t even tolerate sexual behavior. Julia and Winston are so fed up with the Party’s rules and regulations, that they are determined to go against them. You can find them in the woods “doing-the-do” just for their own pleasures. Each encounter between the two of them gets more serious than the previous. One thing that makes this affair between the awkward, is that there is a rather wide age difference between them, which makes it a bit disturbing to read. It’s a shame that government could get so controlling that they would even have control over something such as sex.

1984 is a Wide Open Door

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–May 20th, 2011 pg. 140 

1984 is rather awkward. In this portion of the novel we are introduced to the main character Winston. Throughout the story he exposes us to the abnormal nature of the world he lives in. There are these machines called telescreens. They are basically T.V.’s that pick up on every little thing your doing. Sort of like a two way mirror. The only difference is the people on the other side never EVER go home. In this world someone is constantly watching your every move and always knows what you’re thinking. This kind of relates to the world we live in today. Technology has advanced so much, that it is nearly impossible to have privacy in your own life. For instance, there are apps. On phones that reveal where you are no matter where you go. Kind of wired that we’re already moving towards the kind of security found in 1984 isn’t it?