In My Opinion…

After reading 1984, I have come to the conclusion that I actually enjoyed the book. It is one of very few books that I have enjoyed in reguards to an assigined reading assiginment. In the beginning, the book does a phenomenal job of introducing important elements to the story. There are few parts where the plot becomes dull. I would reccomend this book to High School students, as the content of this book is for mature audiences. The events that occur in this book keep the reader drawn in for the duration of the story. I feel that the physical format of the book was rather unecessary, so far as organizing the book into 3 parts and then into chapters per part. I also disliked the fact that “The Book” written by Goldstein, is revealed to the reader. I feel that that conent should have been ommitted from the novel to leave room for the reader to interpret their own understanding of their government actually works. Personally, this book has had an effect on me in such a way that, makes me look at the way our society is today. This book illustrates how the government is gradually intruding upon the privacy of citizens, only it’s not along the lines of having power but for the security and safety of mankind.


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