You will Never Win against your Big Brother.


Photo Courtesy of Southpaw Filmworks

–March 29th, 2011 pg. 297

In book 3 Winston is caught and put in jail. There, he is accompanied bu his neighbor, O’Brien, and an older lady who goes by the name Smith, and is presumed to be the mother of Winston. It is here that Winston must give up the good fight against the government and accept them for everything they do and say. When Winston tells O’Brien that he hates Big Brother, guards take Winston to Room 101 where unbareable torture takes place. Out of the many things they could have tortured him with, O’Brien brings out Rats, which are what he hates most. Winston, under the unbarable pressure betrays Julia and tells them to torture her instead. Now, I think it is just absurd that you could force anyone to believe what you say. And it is just uncouth to kill a person for not accepting it. Thankfully we live in a society where we are allowed to say and think whatever we desire, and not be penalized for it.


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