1984 is a Wide Open Door

Photo Courtesy of djiongouros.com

–May 20th, 2011 pg. 140 

1984 is rather awkward. In this portion of the novel we are introduced to the main character Winston. Throughout the story he exposes us to the abnormal nature of the world he lives in. There are these machines called telescreens. They are basically T.V.’s that pick up on every little thing your doing. Sort of like a two way mirror. The only difference is the people on the other side never EVER go home. In this world someone is constantly watching your every move and always knows what you’re thinking. This kind of relates to the world we live in today. Technology has advanced so much, that it is nearly impossible to have privacy in your own life. For instance, there are apps. On phones that reveal where you are no matter where you go. Kind of wired that we’re already moving towards the kind of security found in 1984 isn’t it?



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